Below is a list of the wonderful brands that we are very happy to sell. Each brand and product goes through our stringent process of ensuring quality, natural or organic ingredients, and most of all good flavour!

Arizona Gunslinger

A delicious range of hot sauces from Arizona the home of ‘hot foods’. The Arizona Gunslinger range are high quality hot sauces, made with the finest all natural ingredients and the chilli pepper as the leading ingredient, rather than vinegar. This makes for a thicker stronger hot sauce with more heat and less of a bitter aftertaste.


A man with an idea in 1995, with one yeast cell to start with, designed and developed the world’s only certified organic yeast. Incredibly rewarding to produce without chemicals our Bioreal organic yeast is used by professional and home bakers worldwide.

Cascina Belvedere

Not all risottos are equal, it all depends not only on the quality of the rice, but which type of rice is used. Each type of rice has special characteristics; some rice can even be used for day to day dishes or to make rice pudding and rice salad.

Cascina Belverde is one of few rice companies to manage directly the whole production process from seeding to packaging, they are proud of their sustainable cultivating practices, traceability of rice products, and use of traditional not industrial methods, this is reflected in their use of recycled cardboard for packaging, and their decision to cultivate rice in an area of Bianzè, in the Northern Po valley, designated for repopulation of flora and fauna and its own fishing reserve.

Each rice is of high organic quality and fulfils the Italian legal requirements of ‘Extra Quality’ or ‘Superfino’ rice, to ensure freshness, all of these rices are vacuum packed.


One of France best known prestigious brands of organic mustards. Delouis mustard has won the 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 World Gold Medal Mustard Competition – USA Made completely naturally without preservatives, artificial colours, Delouis mustards and vinegars really set a new standard for quality and taste.

Ewald - Gelatine

Take organically certified pigs, take one organically certified plant with highly trained quality staff, clean, extract, filter, concentrate and sterilise. Finally dry and organically pack.


One of the UK’s most popular brands of organic curry pastes, Geo-Organics products are all certified organic, gluten free, as well as approved by the vegan society. With a range of curries to suit all curry lovers from mild Indian to hot Thai curries.

Barley Cup

Barleycup Organic is made from the finest certified organic roasted grains and chicory roots. Full of flavour and lots more besides. Barleycup drinks are the natural choice for those who like tea and coffee but are trying to cut down on the amount of caffeine in their diet.


The Boehli Company has specialised in the production of breadsticks, pretzels and crackers since 1935, an activity which it has mastered.  We pay careful attention to the selection of our ingredients to ensure high quality and excellent taste.

Based in Alsace, Gundershoffen, the company manufactures nearly 23 tons of biscuits on its five production lines every day.

Chicory Cup

Chicorycup is a brand of beverages made from roasted chicory root. For hundreds of years infusions of chicory have been known and appreciated on different continents as a nutritional and valuable drink as an alternative to coffee, tea and cocoa.


n 1886 Carl Ewald laid the foundation of the present company in Sobernheim / Nahe. Since then the company has been passed directly from father to son. Today EWALD-GELATINE GmbH is a highly modern and flexible company in the production of leaf gelatine and powder gelatine. It uses the most up-to-date technologies in its production processes.

Floating Leaf

Genuine Canadian Wild Rice from Canada’s bestselling wild rice brand, famous for its guaranteed cooking time, and unique roasting process.


We are the farm! Our co-founder and his family planted the first medjool date palm on their ranch nearly two decades ago in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. We proudly guarantee the entire journey of these organic beauties from the time they leave our palms