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Cooked wild rice has a rich nutty flavour sometimes described as a smoky flavour and a texture that is delightfully chewy. The slender elongated grains that often come to market are premium grades of truly wild uncultivated wild rice colours can vary from medium brown to nearly pure black.

A great addition to add to simply white or brown rice wild rice will add extra nutrients colour and texture that are lacking from standard cultivated rices. There are 4 important stages in Wild Rice production each will affect the flavour cooking time and quality of the final product.

Stage 1 is the hand picking whilst in a canoe by Native Canadian tribesmen. There is a special skill in shaking the reeds and catching the rice in the canoe. But even with their years of skill at doing this most grains are lost in the water and become the seeds for next years crop making a natural and sustainable way to grow rice.

Stage 2 is curing the grains which initially start off green. The most important stage is stage 3 the roasting. Like coffee roasting is a skill to find the right balance to create the final flavours that make wild rice so delicious. The final stage is removing the husks and the chaff to make pure wild rice grains and ensure the rice cooks quickly.


Cultivated Wild Rice vs Wild Wild Rice, what is the difference? Cultivated wild rice usually comes from the United States, whilst ‘wild’ wild rice usually comes from Canada. What is the difference? Easy, how it is grown and picked. Cultivated wild rice is grown ‘wildly’ but planted and treated as a crop and then harvested. Canadian ‘wild’ wild rice, grows naturally, and is harvest by Native Canadian Tribesmen. Of course Canadian ‘wild’ wild rice is therefore more sustainable, provides employment to people that need it, and has a better flavour

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Pure organic wild rice from Canada 


How to Use

There are many different recipes for Wild Rice. Some great ideas are to use it to add colour or texture to your standard rice dishes.

A simple recipe is add one cup of wild rice to 3 cups of your normal rice. This will create a nice blend.


Simply eat one cup of wild rice instead of normal rice it goes well with beef lamb chicken fish or sprinkled over salads.

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