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Sensual, with a hint of chocolatey or fruity aromas, this is Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, the best of the vanillas, the vanilla used by ice cream makers for its amazing flavour. Smelling vanilla beans is a truly emotive experience and brings all sorts of great childhood memories back, mostly about ice-cream.

Fully certified organically grown, full, plump and shiny and chock full of vanilla caviar that is seeds, this vanilla is supplied in glass tubes, the traditional way, to hold in the amazing aroma and taste, to protect it from contact with plastic, and if you’re lucky your tube of vanilla will develop white vanillin crystals on the bean, this is a sign of extraordinary quality.

Madagascar grows the Vanilla Planifolia bean, which is considered the best and most delicious bean by many. Its origin on the islands of Madagascar is considered the best place to grow and cure this bean.  The company we are in partnership are experts in selecting and curing and packing under the most stringent standards, and are acknowledged for their ethics.


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Barcode 9369999041991

Contains 2x100% Organic Madagascan Vanilla beans 

How to Use

 Liberally or subtly in almost all cooking. You can add vanilla to in your baking, puddings, or some more adventurous ideas are baked apple with vanilla, on goats cheese, with fish or salads. After scrapping out the seeds you can store the pods in a jar of caster sugar to make the most delicious vanilla sugar for baking, or other ideas….

How to split a bean

Splitting a bean is really easy, simply lay the bean flat on a board. Using the tip of a sharp knife, slice the bean down the middle, into 2 halves, from one end of the bean to the other. Once done, spread the two halves apart and use the back of the knife and scrap down each half of the bean to capture the seeds. Have a look at the following video which helps to show the correct method for splitting a bean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnwKMVTsCjY

Brand Watersteps
Carton Size 10
Country of Manufacture Madagascar