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Safe Catch is the only brand of canned fish that tests every can of fish for mercury. If it does not meet their standards the fish is passed on as ‘not up to the Safe Catch Standard’. 2 Fish from the same school can have different levels of Mercury, this is why Safe Catch test each fish. This is for all of their fish, not just Tuna.

All fish are caught from sustainable fisheries using dolphin friendly and FAD Free methods.


Safe Catch Mercury Testing Levels

 Elite Wild Tuna and Wild Ahi Tuna are tested to a mercury limit of 0.100 ppm, which is 10X stricter than the FDA action limit.

Wild Pink Salmon is tested to a mercury limit of 0.040 ppm, which is 25X stricter than the FDA action limit.

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Barcode 859480006077

Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis)

How to Use

Fish are hand cut and packed into tins and then slow cooked. This special process ensures the maximum amount of the Omega-3’s and oils are kept. In fact, it is recommended not to drain the oils from the tins but add it to your food.

Brand Safe Catch
Carton Size 12
Country of Manufacture Thailand