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Son Fish is a fourth-generation old private family-owned fish sauce maker. Everything involved in making Son Fish Sauce is done by the family.

Using their own fleet of boats that harvest wild caught anchovies year-round. What makes Son fish sauce special is the anchovies around Son Rai Island have a high protein content and a much more fragrant smell. Once the anchovies are caught they are then salted right away on the boat with local sea salt. This method allows the fermentation process to start right away extra fresh from the sea.
The microclimate of Son Rai Island plays a major role in producing Son Fish Sauce. Prevailing winds from the sea fresh morning dews from the mountain peaks tropical storms intense humidity and equatorial heating all add to the fermentation process.

As much as 14 tons with a ratio of 70% fresh wild caught anchovies and 30% local sea salt are jammed pressed into each barrel. Son fish sauce is aged for 12 months in barre

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Anchovy Sea Salt

How to Use

Fish sauce can be used as a substitute for salt when cooking. It adds a depth of flavour and umami to dishes. use 1 - 2 teaspoons at a time to flavour according to your preferred taste.

Brand Son Fish Sauce
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Country of Manufacture Vietnam